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Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and factory machinery in a wide range of industries. Industrial Chillers are often used in the plastic industry in injection and blow molding, metal working cutting oils, welding equipment, die-casting and machine tooling, chemical processing, pharmaceutical formulation, food and beverage processing, paper and cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, power supplies and power generation stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air and gas cooling. Industrial Chillers are also used to cool high-heat specialized items such as machines and lasers, and in hospitals, hotels and campuses. Chillers for industrial applications can be centralized, chiller serves multiple cooling needs, or decentralized where each application or machine has its own chiller.

Industrial Chillers is also possible to have a combination of both centralized and decentralized chillers. Industrial chillers typically come as complete, packaged, closed-loop systems, including the chiller unit, condenser, and pump station with recirculating pump, expansion valve, internal cold water control. The internal tank helps maintain cold water temperature and prevents temperature spikes from occurring. Closed-loop industrial chillers recirculate a clean coolant or clean water with condition addititives at a constant temperature and pressure to increase the reproducibility of water-cooled machines and instruments. The water flows from the chiller.

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